11 November 2006

I'm starting to think my friend has brain damage or something. Maybe it's just me.

Me: oh man, jack palance died
Friend: The guy from My Cousin Vinny?
Friend: Was that him? Crap, I can't remember...
Me: he was the believe it or not guy for a long time
Me: played in a lot of westerns i think
Me: my cousin vinny.... i think that was Fred...
Me: crap forgot his name
Me: jack palance http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0001588/
Friend: No My Cousin VInny.
Friend: Who the heck am I thinking of?!
Me: Fred Gwynne http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0001304/
Me: was in my cousin vinny
Me: htough he's beed dead a while
Me: been
Me: jack palance just died
Friend: Right. I didn't know Fred died.
Me: in 1993 :p
Friend: Well, forgotten he died anyway
Me: i think you're thinking City Slickers
Friend: Maybe
Me: and yes, jack palance was in City Slickers
Me: as Curley
Friend: right
Friend: Oh well, either way
Me: .....

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