05 December 2006

See I have this friend. He works. He's bored at work.
He believes that because I have a blog, it's there for his sole source of worktime entertainment.
Though I am uninspired, I shall flick my fingers over this keyboard creating words until he has something to read.

He plays City of Heroes. I play City of Heroes.
His Supergroup is filled with guys who like the levelling. They know the game, they know where the experience lies. Where it sleeps, where it eats. They know its scent. It only takes them mere weeks to take a character to level 50.

Last night, maybe it was the full moon, but none of that experience hunting prowess was evident. These guys could have started playing the game a week ago for all they could coordinate. After maybe 4 hours of debate and discussion, they got together a team. I was privy to be on such a team.

"Attack!" We rush in. Circle of Thorns ghosts cast their darkness. Immobilized, we sink into helpless oblivion. Debt accrues. The haze fades and we find ourselves at the hospital.
With renewed courage, we head back in. No thought of a change of plan, we focus on the kill. The attack. Glory of slaughter.

Re-read the previous paragraph 5 times.

What is it they say about people who keep trying the same thing over and over with the same result, expecting it to be different next time?

I don't know either. Armchair critics all of 'em.

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