07 December 2006

I have a particular pet peeve about people being rude. Especially rude on purpose. Oh I know everyone hates rudeness, but it REALLY gets my goat. It's one of the few things that stirs up real anger. Murderous anger. Icepick in the eye type anger.
There are many types of rudeness, but the one in particular that inspired this rant is a type of lie.
Say you're tired. You're planning on going to bed a little early, stopping your usual evening activities earlier than normal, wrapping up games, online conversations etc.
Then someone decides to keep you up. You're in City of Heroes, and as you're about to quit someone you know logs in. There's something you need to show them. They tell you they're coming to meet you, you wait for them. They don't show and they don't show. You tell them you need to go, and ask if they are indeed coming. They say yes. Quantities of minutes pass and they still don't arrive. In fact they change characters, pass through the zone you're in and start a mission. It's now obvious that they never intended to show up.
Why the missleading? It has to be more than not caring to see what I have to show. In that case they could have said something like, 'I'll see it later' or 'I'm not interested.'
Why keep me waiting, believing that they'll show up.
There is no other explination than that it was done purposely and maliciously.
I do not forget this type of thing. Even if my anger ceases.
I have no time for deceitful games.

05 December 2006

See I have this friend. He works. He's bored at work.
He believes that because I have a blog, it's there for his sole source of worktime entertainment.
Though I am uninspired, I shall flick my fingers over this keyboard creating words until he has something to read.

He plays City of Heroes. I play City of Heroes.
His Supergroup is filled with guys who like the levelling. They know the game, they know where the experience lies. Where it sleeps, where it eats. They know its scent. It only takes them mere weeks to take a character to level 50.

Last night, maybe it was the full moon, but none of that experience hunting prowess was evident. These guys could have started playing the game a week ago for all they could coordinate. After maybe 4 hours of debate and discussion, they got together a team. I was privy to be on such a team.

"Attack!" We rush in. Circle of Thorns ghosts cast their darkness. Immobilized, we sink into helpless oblivion. Debt accrues. The haze fades and we find ourselves at the hospital.
With renewed courage, we head back in. No thought of a change of plan, we focus on the kill. The attack. Glory of slaughter.

Re-read the previous paragraph 5 times.

What is it they say about people who keep trying the same thing over and over with the same result, expecting it to be different next time?

I don't know either. Armchair critics all of 'em.

11 November 2006

I'm starting to think my friend has brain damage or something. Maybe it's just me.

Me: oh man, jack palance died
Friend: The guy from My Cousin Vinny?
Friend: Was that him? Crap, I can't remember...
Me: he was the believe it or not guy for a long time
Me: played in a lot of westerns i think
Me: my cousin vinny.... i think that was Fred...
Me: crap forgot his name
Me: jack palance http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0001588/
Friend: No My Cousin VInny.
Friend: Who the heck am I thinking of?!
Me: Fred Gwynne http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0001304/
Me: was in my cousin vinny
Me: htough he's beed dead a while
Me: been
Me: jack palance just died
Friend: Right. I didn't know Fred died.
Me: in 1993 :p
Friend: Well, forgotten he died anyway
Me: i think you're thinking City Slickers
Friend: Maybe
Me: and yes, jack palance was in City Slickers
Me: as Curley
Friend: right
Friend: Oh well, either way
Me: .....

05 November 2006

Sometimes the people I like are morons. It all started with a simple question about badges in the game City of Heroes/Villians...

Me : did you log on and get your badges?
Friend : what badges?
Me : CoV anniversary badge
Me : badges
Friend : I didn't get any badges in CoH...oh...cov
Friend : I didn't play CoV
Me : no, it's in both
Friend : Got nothing in CoH
Me : you should have got the heroes one
Friend : What anniversary badge?
Me : lol
Friend : I'm confused
Friend : I didn't get a thing when I logged in.
Me : you must have logged in since the 1st then
Friend : Unless you did for me, no I haven't
Friend : That, I can gurantee.
Me : nope, I have not
Me : well all this month, there's a badge to be had, both heroes and villains
Me : but! i've downloaded i8, so it's all ready to go when it launches i guess
Friend : What badge?
Friend : And I just finished downloading I8
Me : kewy
Me : dunno, log in and find out
Me : i can't remmeber the names
Me : i want to say exalted, but I don't think that's it
Friend : What for?
Me : .....................
Friend : Whats the badge for?!
Me : I've said like twice already!
Friend : argh. Like pulling teeth, lol. I'm going to bed!
Friend : You said something of anniversary badge. I dunno what that is. Anniversary of what? For what?!
Me : in fact, you even repeated the answer!
Me : 1 year anniversary of VILLIANS
Me : CoV Anniversary badge!
Friend : Ok. Then you said Heroe's one also
Me : there's a badge for both heroes and villains
Me : FOR the CoV Anniversary
Friend : Never got it.
Me : you did
Me : you just weren't paying attention
Friend : Nope. I was on. I paid attention. Nothing came up.
Friend : I notice badges when I logon.
Me : it pops up when youlog in for the first time through the month of november
Me : Yes, I bet if you go look at your accolades, you have it
Friend : I ain't checking now. Bed is calling.

/tears hair out

04 November 2006

Anyone remember the Disco Duck records? I had three of them way back when. That's Irwin the Disco Duck. One day I left them on the record player, which sat in my bedroom under a big window. They warped so badly I think there was at least 4 or 5 inches from peak to valley.
I kept the jackets though. Today I found one of them online! The whole album as mp3s. If I knew who put it there, I'd send them a very nice box of chocolates. Or at least a bottle of wine.

03 November 2006

My dreams have become boring.
It used to be that sleeping was the one thing I could do and be relatively happy about. My dreams were always interesting, better than most movies. Fantastic. Lots of action, amazing scenery.. Heck I've even had dreams in other languages.
Lately, I wake up bored. I'm not sure what this means. The dreams I've had while sleeping were so dull that they flit by after a scene or two as though my brain were changing channels desperate to find something interesting.
What have I lost?
I'm considering renaming this blog. It shall be entitled Ego Gratification.
Because, as you readers know, I am all important. I feel I have limited the gift of my amazing self and personality to the few people I game/IM with for too long. The world needs to experience and appreciate my aura of amazingness.
I fully expect this blog to be one of the most read in history, and they'll elect me Sexiest Blogger of the year the same day I'm elected President of the World.

02 November 2006

Has there been a blog where the blogger has no intention?
Do people just sit down and let their fingers twitch?
I should read these things more often.
We'll see how it goes.