05 November 2006

Sometimes the people I like are morons. It all started with a simple question about badges in the game City of Heroes/Villians...

Me : did you log on and get your badges?
Friend : what badges?
Me : CoV anniversary badge
Me : badges
Friend : I didn't get any badges in CoH...oh...cov
Friend : I didn't play CoV
Me : no, it's in both
Friend : Got nothing in CoH
Me : you should have got the heroes one
Friend : What anniversary badge?
Me : lol
Friend : I'm confused
Friend : I didn't get a thing when I logged in.
Me : you must have logged in since the 1st then
Friend : Unless you did for me, no I haven't
Friend : That, I can gurantee.
Me : nope, I have not
Me : well all this month, there's a badge to be had, both heroes and villains
Me : but! i've downloaded i8, so it's all ready to go when it launches i guess
Friend : What badge?
Friend : And I just finished downloading I8
Me : kewy
Me : dunno, log in and find out
Me : i can't remmeber the names
Me : i want to say exalted, but I don't think that's it
Friend : What for?
Me : .....................
Friend : Whats the badge for?!
Me : I've said like twice already!
Friend : argh. Like pulling teeth, lol. I'm going to bed!
Friend : You said something of anniversary badge. I dunno what that is. Anniversary of what? For what?!
Me : in fact, you even repeated the answer!
Me : 1 year anniversary of VILLIANS
Me : CoV Anniversary badge!
Friend : Ok. Then you said Heroe's one also
Me : there's a badge for both heroes and villains
Me : FOR the CoV Anniversary
Friend : Never got it.
Me : you did
Me : you just weren't paying attention
Friend : Nope. I was on. I paid attention. Nothing came up.
Friend : I notice badges when I logon.
Me : it pops up when youlog in for the first time through the month of november
Me : Yes, I bet if you go look at your accolades, you have it
Friend : I ain't checking now. Bed is calling.

/tears hair out

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