09 January 2007

This has been the longest November ever.

Usually even if the rest of the winter is warmish, January is always cold. We haven't even had snow once this winter! It's been in the 40s, 50s.. It's like living in the south again. Though at least people don't walk around in gigantic fluffy coats when it's 58 degrees outside like they do in the south. And at least when it threatens to get below 40 the grocery stores don't sell out of bread and milk.
The first time I went to a grocery store in North Carolina in the winter, after a forecast of flurries, I was stunned.. I didn't make the connection between the empty sheleves and the weather at first. How could a grocery store be so slack as to sell out of milk?!

04 January 2007

There is crap all on television this morning.
I have a nice morning, no appointments, breakfast is cooked and eaten. The Everquest 2 servers have come down for a patch, and I'd just like to get into a little show or something while I wait.

I've read the paper, drank my tea. Maybe I should cast on my stitches for the sweater I'm planning.

Even my favorite channel, TCM, is disappointing me. Boring movie. I have trouble getting into steamboat movies. It's like movies about the army. The story may be fantastic, but it's all drab green. My eyes aren't interested long enough for my brain to catch on. In contrast i have no trouble getting into black and white movies. Go figure.

Usually my backup channel is the History Channel. Army programs. At least I had some anthropology programs yesterday.

I refuse to watch the Style Channel unless I'm both very desperate and there's something extremely interesting on. And, as you can imagine, that is extremely rare. I even resorted to trying Animal Planet. Backyard habitat was one I'd seen. One of the few shows I can get into. Animals are great and all but I really don't care about people's obsession to make pets out of every undomesticated creature they can find. I think humans should support the natural habitats and stay the hell out. But I may be biased for reasons I won't go into.

Oh well, maybe I'll go shower.