17 April 2007

I got my first bento box yesterday! I'm so excited. Now to figure out what to put in it. So many possiblilties! It's pretty tiny, maybe it's decieving. Pictures later!

On my quest for lunch today I found THE coolest tree. I was taking a meandering route though a local neighborhood when I found this huge burr oak, with a sign saying it's 300 - 400 years old. Amazing! We used to have a tree very similar behind the house I grew up. I think this one was even older. Moss on the branches, little knobbies coming out all over the place.. squirrel eyeing me suspiciously from a little ledge-perch the tree had made almost for the purpose. I definately need to go back with a camera.

I'm about to finish the purple sweater. I have it all done but the neck. The neck had to wait for the pomatomus socks, which were undoubtedly more important. I'm not sure I'd use this yarn again, Lion brand Homespun. We'll see how it wears/washes.

Hm sweater or City of Heroes..... CoH is awfully tempting... =D

16 April 2007

Ahhh what happened!? I followed the instructions on both socks the same, but the first one is horrible!

Look at that super crazy long toe. I wonder if I should rip it out and reknit the foot. Think it's worth it? It's pretty bad. Maybe I should just call it my practice set and go on. Eeeeck it makes my skin crawl though.

I think this calls for an obligatory picture of the kitty. He always makes me laugh.

Ahh much better.

13 April 2007

Eeek, it's been a while. I'm almost done with the pomatomus socks, but I'm afraid I'm running out of yarn! It was one big skein of cherry tree hill supersock, and I'm only a couple inches away from doing the toe... but the ball of yarn is oh so small!

In other news: snow flurries is what we had today. Today. April. Three or so weeks ago it was almost 80. Insane, I tell you!

I also need a job. Anyone know of a job I where I can sit and knit all day? Hahaha. Right. Le Sigh.