03 November 2006

I'm considering renaming this blog. It shall be entitled Ego Gratification.
Because, as you readers know, I am all important. I feel I have limited the gift of my amazing self and personality to the few people I game/IM with for too long. The world needs to experience and appreciate my aura of amazingness.
I fully expect this blog to be one of the most read in history, and they'll elect me Sexiest Blogger of the year the same day I'm elected President of the World.


sidney said...

I dont know, that all seems a little overly-ambitious.

I mean... President of the World elections arent held until November, whereas the Sexy-Blogger Awards are held in July.

I don't think they'll change either of those dates for you just because you've won them.

Time to get a little perspective... sheesh.

Laoma said...

Why do that? That's silly. ;) I know what this is about though. My comments from the other post had nothing to do with you or anyone else. It was my bad for briefly recalling my past vanity web site experiences without really addressing the post. Blogs and stuff like myspace are the evolution of the old vanity pages from the 90's. Much more interesting though... well, blogs are more interesting at least. Myspace gives me a headache. I wasn't diss'ing blogging or the reasons why one blogs. I don't care enough to like or dislike it. Clear? :)

Lydia said...


sidney said...

Oh god I can't stand Myspace. I'll pass on livejournal pages too. Too many emo kids.