02 November 2006

Has there been a blog where the blogger has no intention?
Do people just sit down and let their fingers twitch?
I should read these things more often.
We'll see how it goes.


Sidney said...

Wooo first post!


Now that you got the first blog jitters out, lets go, time to break out all those hilarious observations and stories!

Gogo inter-string!

Lydia said...

Oh! Now I'm under pressure!

Laoma said...

I could never get into blogs. (So here I am creating one while I'm here.) I think I got over the whole ego web presence thing with my personal web pages back in '93-96. (Not saying a big ego is why everyone creates a blog, but anyhow...) Yeah, I'm old school and getting too old to give a shit. :P

Lydia said...

So what are you saying?

Laoma said...

I've eaten too much left over holloween treats today. Weee!

Here I thought I was going to have to explain my post when I need to get some sleep. :O Thank goodness for countless articles like this one that sort of explain it for me. ;)