21 July 2007

Argh, so busy lately... and I don't even work! (well not for pay...) So many pictures still on the camera, so many projects done yet to be photographed... I'm lamenting the lack of photograph worthy daylight at 1:30am. Suddenly a few projects are calling me from the other room requesting their image be afixed to the pseudofilm in my camera. I realize that daylight at this hour would not be practical, and should it happen, I'm certain that some sort of catastrophe would be at hand rendering my desire to post pictures of socks rather inconsequential. Ah well.
Pictures soon, I promise. (though who this promise is to, I can only guess.. something tells me that I'm the only one who reads my little blog as of yet...)


ingrid said...

You're not the only one. I'm reading your blog!

Lydia said...

Hahah! Hi!!

I'm reading your blog too!

I still have your letter right next to my monitor wanting to be replied to, I have not forgotten!

I'm excited you commented. Thanks!