03 August 2007

The mystery of what to do with the linen yarn has been solved!

It came unexpectedly. I was even about to start the second toeless sock (take 2) for my Mom.
I was looking through my newly purchased Mason-Dixon Knitting when I stumbled upon their knitted linen handtowel patterns. It took one skein of linen yarn. Ah ha!

I ran to my yarn stash in the guest bedroom to see if my skein of pretty brown and blue yarn would do, and it was perfect! I started on the moss-stitch checked pattern and after a few inches into the pattern I thought that the verigatedness of the yarn totally hid the texture of the pattern.

What to do?!

Something that would highlight the pretty colors and verigation was needed. I discovered a serious deficiency in stitch pattern books. (Note to self: Rectify this problem in the near future.)

At this point I had a brainwave. J-walker socks! They make nice use of verigated yarn, making it interesting without muddling the pretty colors. The j-walker towel was born!

Of course there will be no walking with this towel, unless it is to the laundry. Maybe it should be called the j-toweler?

It was even nicer after it was washed. The colors faded ever so slightly, but it picked up this soft fuzziness. There is nothing like drapey linen. I love the heaviness of it, and the way is hugs what it is draped on so tightly. I'd love a sweater out of it. I am really uncertain though that I could knit it myself. I found the stiffness of this a bit of a struggle to work with. My hand is glad it's done, as it can cease its cramping and get back to easy sock knitting.


ingrid said...

Wow! That is really neat. How big is the towel? And what size needles did you use?

Lydia said...

It's about 10 inches wide and 27 ½ inches long and I used size 5 needles.
The label of the yarn I used said 'louet' in tiny letters on the corner of the label making me think it is the same euroflax linen from Louet that the instructions called for. The colorway is called 'Ingrid's blues.' (I noticed this just now while examining the label!)

I dreamed last night of a raglan sleeved linen sweater with sleeves and collar made from this yarn, it was so cool =D

ingrid said...

Cool. That's so weird that the colour is called "Ingrid's blues." I'll have to find some of that yarn just for the ballband (not to mention that the yarn looks super-yummy).