01 May 2007

the lucious yarn turning into a scarf...It didn't turn out quite as long as I hoped, though it's sooo soft. I may have to unravel it and use it for something else. I instead bought a ball of Alchemy Pagoda,

and I don't know if there's just not enough variation in value, but it didn't knit up as nice as I had hoped. I wanted those triangles to be obvious, dangit! Better picture coming later.

Now for the tangent. It's been frickin' hot here. I know many people would complain about how we've had such a cold spring (except for those few days back in March) but sheesh, 86 in April?

Percival (my greyhound) almost caught a rabbit this afternoon! He's so quick it's crazy. He and I were tossing a kong around the yard (well I was doing more tossing, he did the chasing and refusing to bring it all the way back to me) when he startled a rabbit hiding in the brush pile in the corner of the yard. Now our yard is not that big but Percival was nowhere near the rabbit when it started to run, but by the time it got to a little hole in the fence the dog had almost caught it. I'm surprised he didn't lose his tail on the way under. Poor bunny hehehe.

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