05 March 2007

I'm almost done with my first sweater! I made too small for me to wear, lol. I wanted it done fast so that I could put it together. I've never assembled a sweater before, so all this seaming is new to me.

I don't think I'll use this yarn again though for a sweater. It tends to disintegrate as I sew up the seams. It's all fluff held together with a tiny little floss through the center. I hope it holds...

I learned (or remembered ) quite a bit about using two colors doing the little pattern. The back of the pattern looks like crap for the first two rows. I'll spare you the horror of actually posting a picture of them. The first square puckers a bit because I pulled the yarn a little too tight.

I'd like to point out my impatience now, and that unless the problem is so serious that it can't be ignored, I don't go back and fix problems. The top square is all nice and neat, however, with all the extra yarn woven in.

My cat insisted that the sweater looked better with him on it, and asked me to take a few pictures of him with it to prove the point. He was right, afterall he is a cat.

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